About the
Abington Social Library

We continually strive to provide a comfortable setting in which people can gather to enrich their personal lives. While addressing the needs of a modern society, the Abington Social Library has retained its uniquely rural character.

Wireless Internet access is available to our patrons as are public access computers. The library is in the process of cataloguing all of its books and resources onto an ASLInternet program which will be available for public access in the near future.

Some of the Services Provided

  • wireless Internet access
  • software programs for students
  • ICONN access (Connecticut's research engine)
  • interlibrary loans
  • books on tape
  • videos and DVD's
  • large print books
  • and museum passes.

Our Immediate Goals

  • Researching and recording the library's history as well as establishing historical status at the state and federal level
  • Launching computer literacy programs for the elderly
  • Creating computer tutorials for middle school as well as high school students
  • Providing children's reading activities
  • Offering after school activities in conjunction with the local elementary school
  • Obtaining grant funding
  • Exploring and developing a preservation program for our large collection of historical books
  • Serving the community in a bigger and better way!